Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a UK resident? Am I covered for any hazardous activities? Am I covered for any pre-existing medical conditions? The policy refers to an excess, what is this? Does my winter sports cover allow me to partake in off piste skiing? What is the maximum age you will cover? What is the maximum amount of days I can travel for on an annual policy at any one time? Does my policy automatically cover me for winter sports or golf? Does my policy cover me for UK holidays? What is the definition of couple on the policy? Are the benefits shown in the policy per person? What is delayed baggage benefit? When does the travel delay benefit start? Who is covered under the family policy? Can I travel to receive medical treatment on this policy? Can children be insured if they are travelling alone? I am already travelling and have left the UK - can I upgrade or extend my policy? Can I cancel my policy after I have purchased it?